Wall-Mount Standoffs

Original Wall-Mount Standoffs


Designed to be easy to install and easy on the budget, these standoffs are an excellent choice for almost any application. The standoff body is made of a solid piece of structural grade aluminum and because of its deep counter-bored design it can be screwed directly to your mounting surface. Our Wall-Mounts come supplied with a cap, standoff, mounting screw and anchor. 

Flat-Top Wall-Mounts


Flat-Top's offer the exact same configuration as the original Wall-Mounts but have a more classic puck look. The standoff barrel is the same but the cap has a flat face instead of the original domed look. Just like the original, Flat-Top Wall-Mounts also come supplied with a cap, standoff, mounting screw and anchor.  

XL Wall-Mount Pucks


 The XL pucks are paired with any of our Wall-Mount Standoffs to allow for a panel thickness of up to 3/4". Available in the original domed or Flat-Top styles. 

Clear Acrylic Wall-Mounts


Want something a little different? These Wall-Mounts have the same configuration as their Flat-Top counterparts but are made from clear acrylic. They are also available in a frosted finish. 

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